Flow Metering Solutions

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BKW specialise in flow metering solutions and calibration. Our services extend to both specialist on-site flow calibration and verification through to our larger capacity in-house flow facility where all types of flow instrumentation are calibrated, tested and repaired.

BKW have a highly skilled team of calibration engineers for our flow calibration facilities and use only the most accurate flow instrumentation for referencing meter readings. Both our static and mobile flow calibration rigs are fitted with UKAS calibrated coriolis meters that are capable of referencing all metering instrumentation for flow and density.

All BKW flow rigs are fully constructed from stainless steel and are suitable for hygienic flow measurements.

Our BKW facility static rig is designed to allow calibration of small bore flow meters to larger diameter meters and provides the option to calibrate at high capacities and a high volume of meters during any one period.

Our specialist on-site flow metering services incorporates our innovative mobile flow rigs which are completely mobile and suitable for use in safe areas and hygienic plant locations.

The main benefits to our customers of this service is that this solution is highly cost effective and reduces the amount of down time on site as the meters can either be calibrated in the process line or in a safe area.

These rigs also allow for density calibrations, level vessel calibrations and for applications where batch flow measurements are required.
Where flow instrumentation cannot be calibrated in place or in a safe area BKW offer flow verification services that allows us to verify meter reading when under process or controlled conditions using non invasive flow measurement. Verifications are particularly of interest where removing instrumentation is not possible or instruments are located in remote locations.
Other flow metering services extend to: Site surveys, UKAS traceable flow calibrations*, gas flow calibrations, air flow calibrations, specific oil flow calibrations, witness testing & support and repair services.

*Using the services of UKAS accredited laboratories who comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.