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Brooks Instrument

BKW became a partner for Brooks Instrument on 1st September 2019. Supplying flow measurement and control equipment to the process industries, research establishments and laboratories across the UK.

Since 1946, Brooks Instrument has been a global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. Providing instrumentation for flow, pressure and vaporisation, the company serves customers in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, fibre-optic & thin film manufacturing, solar cell, LED, alternative energy, oil & gas, refining, chemical and petrochem research.

BKW are able to offer sales and technical guidance for product and application selection for Brooks Instrument, through our experienced technical sales team.

The Brooks Instrument portfolio includes:

  • Metal tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters
  • Glass tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters
  • Polycarbonate tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters
  • Thermal Mass flow meters and controllers
  • Coriolis Mass flow meters and controllers
  • Flow accessories
  • Verification, calibration and services.

Click here to view our confirmation of partnership with Brooks Instrument.

If you would like to visit our partner Brooks UK or US website follow the links below

Brooks Instrument UK website

Brooks Instrument US website